About me

By day, I’m an associate editor for Discover magazine in Milwaukee. But I spend the rest of my time as a freelance writer, science-nut, hiker, Volkswagen bus mechanic, backcountry snowboarder, traveler, cyclist, beer aficionado, kayaker, snowshoer, dog walker, creek swimmer and many other things. I love life, whether it’s on the shores of Lake Michigan or rambling through the dark-sky country of the Colorado Plateau.

My bachelors degree in astronomy and physics, as well as my background in astrogeology research, certify my ability to understand complex topics. Hundreds of published articles show that I can explain those topics in a clear, concise and accurate manner.

If you’re reading this page, you might be looking for more information about me after receiving a story pitch. You can peruse my resume and publications list for more background, or glance at a few of the stories I’ve collected here to get an idea of my style.

Thanks for dropping by,